all that was lost was found again

by Flakes

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recorded, mixed, and mastered by Punk Rock Rammy in April-September 2015. photo by Gerard in August 2015. released by Struggletown Records in September 2015


released September 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Flakes Glasgow, UK

i've manifested this reality for myself

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Track Name: to dine by your side
take me to your lonely place
show me where you sleep at night
i wanna see you when you're vulnerable
please turn off the lights
your eyes look kinder when they're tear soaked
pebble green and bright
your hands looks better as they tremble
so please turn off the lights
i want the real you
i wanna feel you
i want the real you
lie to me
cry to me
Track Name: still searching
cut my hair, wear old clothes
lost myself in a sea of smoke
and colours that are winding me back to you
i'll be waiting on my own
waiting alone
i won't
i won't sleep
Track Name: jughead
take me home and split my body in two
break my bones and let me spill onto you
open me up
tear me
take out the demons that are living in my lungs
then maybe i can breathe
and i hope that when you put me back together
i can leave here forever
Track Name: got the morbs
you are small and cowering
from what in life scares you
and you are just as scared
of what eludes you
is this how you destroy yourself?
or is this how you cope?
is this what you wanted all along?
cold stone hands will lay you still tonight
is this what you wanted all along?
you will lose all that you've fought for
is this what you wanted all along?
i can't bear to watch this anymore
is this what you wanted all along?
is this what you wanted?